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Battery Info

Battery Information

Here's a list of places to purchase a battery for your Crank-a-Watt™. Most retailers will order the battery if it's not in stock, and let you pick it up in the store. It is not necessary to use a "deep cycle" battery with your unit, but it is permissible. Do not store your unit indoors where battery vapors could enter the living space. Please read the instructions sent with your unit!

Battery Spec's:

  • Style- Lawn and Tractor Battery. These have an average Amp Hour Rating of 50. They are very good quality, affordable and long lasting. Here's an excellent source of info for all your battery questions
  • Volts-12
  • Cold Cranking Amps-140 or greater
  • Cranking Amps-160 or greater
  • Approx. Dimensions of the battery are 8" long, 5" wide, 6" tall. The battery will not fit in the Crank-a-Watt™ case if it's larger than these dimensions. Please call or email us if you need help with the battery


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