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Operation and Set Up

Operation Instructions

ATTENTION: Before using this product, please call or email if you have questions. Allow break-in period for bearings to adjust! Keep lid closed during operation!

Warning: Do not operate this unit until the battery has been installed. Damage to volt meter will result!! Turn on-off switch ON only after the battery has been installed. The volt meter will light up and display voltage. To watch video set-up instructions visit home page.

Important: Please read and follow all safety warnings before using this product!

Caution: Risk of pinching. Do not allow children to operate without supervision! Some parts may contain sharp edges. Wear gloves and safety glasses. Risk of pinching if fingers get close to wheel and belt. You must allow a break-in period for the unit to turn easier! Do not use or store this unit near fire, flame or sleeping areas. Do not shake or vibrate unit. Do not store or use this unit where venting from battery could enter living space. Do not block vent holes in the case. Do not allow children or inexperienced persons to operate this unit. Do not allow contents to get wet. Do not use this unit near combustible materials or vapors. * Use supplied Allen wrench to tighten and adjust the pulleys.

For Hand Cranking

Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children and pets!
Note: It is not necessary to turn the 14" crank handle fast. A gentle turning motion will charge the battery.

  1. Unpack the product and place it on a flat, level surface. Inspect the contents for damage.
  1. Thread the 4" black drive handle onto the 14" pulley bolt. The handle bolt is already installed on the 14" pulley. Hand tighten only. Use the adjustable wrench if the bolt becomes loose.
  2. Install the 14" pulley on the 3/4" drive shaft. Applying a very thin coat of Vaseline or lubricant to the drive shaft will make the pulley easier to install. You will need an Allen wrench. *Do not tighten pulley yet!
  3. Visually align both pulleys until they are in a straight line.
  4. Install the drive belt. Start by putting the belt on the smaller pulley, then the larger one. Turn the 14" pulley handle until the belt is installed. Caution: Don't pinch your fingers!
  1. With the belt installed, and both pulleys in a straight line, tighten the pulleys using the Allen wrench.
  2.  Make sure the drive belt is not too tight. This will make the unit hard to turn.
  3. When the pulleys and drive belt are installed, and tightened properly, the unit should operate very smoothly. If there is a wobble, the parts may need to be re-adjusted.
  4. For best results, crank the wheel whenever you are operating an appliance. This will help keep the battery from getting too low. Do not drain the battery!

To Use with a Bicycle

Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children and pets!

  1. Remove the drive belt from the pulleys. Caution: Don't pinch your fingers!
  2. *Align the 3" generator pulley to the bicycle tire. Using an Allen wrench, loosen the Allen fitting on the pulley.
  3. Restrain the generator case so it doesn't move. A rubber bungee strap can be useful!
  4. Pedal at will! Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children!

*IMPORTANT: This is the Allen fitting nearest to you, not the one nearest to the generator! Turn the adjustable pulley in or out, until the desired width is achieved for the bicycle tire. Retighten fitting.

Wiring Instructions

  • The Crank-a-Watt™ is equipped with a rectifier that converts ac current to dc current. Dc current is used for charging batteries. Do not operate the unit without the rectifier. Do not plug the unit directly into a wall outlet. The rectifier and battery cables (supplied) are marked with a +(positive) and a -(negative). These go to the positive and negative on your battery. Install the battery cables to their corresponding terminals.
  • Installing the power inverter: Please watch our set-up video on our about page.
  • If your unit is supplied with an inverter, connect the POS. (+) RED, and NEG. (-) BLACK leads from the inverter to the positive and negative on the battery. You may now plug 120 volt household appliances into the inverter. Caution: If you install the battery cables improperly to the NEG.(-) and POS.(+) battery connections, it will blow the fuse inside the power inverter! The inverter must be opened to change the fuse. Consult instructions. Remember to crank the handle whenever drawing a load from the generator and battery! Do not allow contents of unit to become wet!

Notice: Do not drain the battery! The ac inverter supplied with your unit will sound an alarm when the battery is too low to operate efficiently. You must recharge the battery to the proper level before reusing.

IMPORTANT: Due to shipping restrictions, we are unable to send batteries in the mail. Your product includes a $35.00 battery voucher. Take the voucher to Home Depot and purchase a battery. The battery will only fit into the Crank a Watt™ case if it is a lawn and tractor type. Typical style is the Interstate Brand model SP-18R- 145 cold crank amp, 12 volt, lead acid. This is an excellent battery, and it is compatible with your Crank a Watt™ product. Important!! The voucher has an anti-fraud code that will be de-activated by Home Depot, if reported missing. Due to price fluctuations, we can not guarantee the voucher will cover the full cost of the battery.

Patents Pending. Moeller Engineering Co. Lifetime warranty on generator. Void if generator is opened or tampered with. All other parts 1 year warranty. Buyer assumes full responsibility for operating this product safely. Please call or email us if you need assistance. 

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