Human Powered EMP Proof Hand Crank Bike Pedal Solar Generators

 For Off Grid Emergency Recreation & Survival Made in the USA!

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               The 1600 Watt Hand Crank Bike Pedal System Features: Patents Pending. Now with free shipping excluding HI and AK.

Made with powerful permanent magnets, the Liberty contains a 2 stage high output alternator. It starts making power at less than 1 RPM! Limited Lifetime warranty on the EMP proof alternator section. Made in USA.

2- 19" cast iron flywheels for added momentum. Requires very little physical effort. Easy for 1 or 2 people to operate

1- 1500 watt DC to AC inverter with USB ports and audible low voltage alarm. The inverter will sound an alarm if your battery voltage gets too low. Powerful enough to operate microwave ovens, water pumps, cell phones, lap top computers, coffee makers, drills, HAM radios and dozens of other household appliances consuming up to 1500 watts. 1 year warranty

2- 50 amp heavy duty rectifiers covert AC current into storeable power. Lifetime warranty

2- Heavy duty drive belts. Lifetime warranty

2- Battery charging cables are already installed and clearly marked +Positive & -Negative. Just connect them to your battery. For the Liberty unit we recommend the EverStart model 24DC battery, or equal. This is a 101 amp hour deep cycle battery. The Battery is not included. It's a premium product made in the US and sold at Walmart. Because the Liberty is a 2 stage design, we recommend using at least 2 batteries with it. 

1- Very robust housing on wheels for easy transport

1- Exterior 120 volt AC duplex receptacle

1- Easy to see digital volt meter

2- Adjustable V-belt pulleys. The pulleys adjust to the width of your rear bicycle tire, which enables you to make electricity with a stationary bike trainer. The max. width of the tire should not exceed 1.5 inches. Just mate the bike tire with the Liberty unit and start peddling. A bungee strap can be useful to keep the connection from separating. Here's an example of the bike trainer sold separately.  

The Liberty unit is fully compatible with solar panels and wind turbines. Diodes protect the PMA section from damage. A solar panel and/or wind turbine may be connected directly to the Liberty batteries.

The Crank-A-Watt(TM) Liberty is the most powerful emergency survival generator on the market. It makes silent, storerable electricity without the use of gasoline, sun, wind or dangerous fumes. It's ideal for any emergency, or off-grid application. It's very easy for 1 or 2 people to operate. Patents Pending.

Combining the batteries and PMA section, the Liberty is capable of delivering over 1500 watts of sustained power, and 3000 watts max. for starting motors, fans, pumps etc. For best results use at least 2 batteries with this unit, such as the EverStart model 24 DC premium deep cycle battery or equal. The EverStart 24 DC is a 12 volt lead acid battery with a 101 amp hour rating.

On average, it takes 30 minutes to recharge two batteries. Actual time depends on the condition of the batteries, the speed of cranking and the load being drawn. For best results, you should always crank or pedal whenever you're drawing a load. This will minimize the amount of time required to recharge the batteries. The 2 stage alternator is designed for 6-40 amps of recharge power. The lower your battery voltage gets, the more current will flow into them. Full or nearly full batteries require less current, so less is produced by the PMA. It's important to note that discharging a battery beyond it's safe limit could cause permanent damage. Never allow your batteries to become fully discharged.     

The Liberty unit weighs about 70 pounds (without the batteries), and includes wheels for easy transport between rooms. There's room inside for two batteries, the 1500 watt inverter and other supplies. The total battery compartment size is 18"length, 9"high, 12"wide.

Overall dimensions of the case: 31L x 20H x 24W (this does not include the 19" flywheels)
Having back up power that doesn't require fuel is the key benefit of this product. If you've ever lived through a disaster situation, you know how hard it is to find a source of electricity. Having a "human powered generator" will give you peace of mind. It's knowing that you'll be able to create silent, free, electricity for your home and family.

With adequate battery amp hours, the Liberty can be used to power medical equipment such as nebulizers and CPAP machines. It's especially important for persons living in high rise apartments or condos where gasoline generators can't be used during a power outage
Caution: do not allow children to operate this product! There is a risk of pinching if used improperly. Some parts may contain sharp edges. Wear eye protection and gloves. Do not operate this unit until the battery has been installed. Damage to the volt meter will result. Do not store this unit indoors where vapors from the battery could enter living spaces. Do not get the contents of this product wet. 
Wiring instructions-

Please read and follow all instructions before operating this product. Moeller Engineer and/or Presto Wind Products shall not be responsible for damages arising from misuse or negligent operation of this product. If you need assistance, please call our 24 hour service line at 513. 232.1457. Do not proceed until you are fully familiar with all operation and safety procedures.

The Crank-a-Watt(TM) is equipped with a rectifier that converts ac current to dc current. Dc current is used for charging batteries. Do not operate the unit without the rectifier. Do not plug the unit directly into a wall outlet. The rectifier and battery cables(supplied) are marked with a +(positive) and a -(negative). These go to the positive and negative on your battery. Install the battery cables to their corresponding terminals only. Do not operate this product until the battery has been installed. Damage to the voltmeter will result. Once the battery has been connected, you may turn on the on/off switch located on the exterior of the unit.
The voltmeter will light up and display the battery voltage. When not in use, turn off the inverter and all switches. Do not allow the interior contents of this product to become wet! Do not operate or store this product where fumes from a battery could enter living spaces.

Installing the power inverter-

If your unit is supplied with an inverter, connect the POS. (+) RED, and NEG. (-) BLACK leads from the inverter to the positive and negative on the battery. You may now turn on the inverter and plug 120 volt household appliances into it. Caution: If you install the battery cables improperly to the NEG.(-) and POS.(+) battery connections, it will blow the fuse inside the power inverter! The inverter must be opened to change the fuse. Consult instructions. Remember to crank the handle whenever drawing a load from the generator and battery! Do not allow the interior contents of the Crank a Watt to become wet! Please call or email if you have questions. 513.232.1457 or prestowind@yahoo.com
Notice: Do not drain the battery! The ac inverter supplied with your unit will sound an alarm when the battery is too low to operate efficiently. You must recharge the battery to the proper level before reusing your generator. Opening or modifying any part of this product will void the warranty.

Operating instructions-

For Hand Cranking. Caution- Read and follow all safety and set-up instructions on this page before using this product. An instruction sheet is also supplied with your unit. Please call our office at 513.232.1457 if you need assistance.
1- Unpack the product and place it on a flat, level surface. Inspect the contents of the generator for damage.
2- Thread the 4" black drive handle onto the 19" pulley bolt. The handle bolt is already installed on the 19" pulley. Hand tighten only.
3- Install the 19" pulley on the 1" drive shaft. Applying a very thin coat of Vaseline or lubricant to the drive shaft will make the pulley easier to install. You will need an Allen wrench supplied with this product. *Do not fully tighten the pulley yet!
4- Install the drive belt. Start by putting the belt on the smaller pulley, then the larger one. Turn the handle until the belt is installed. Caution: Don't pinch your fingers!
5- With the belt installed, and both pulleys in a straight line, you can now tighten the pulleys using the Allen wrench fittings.
6- Make sure the drive belt is not too tight. This will make the unit hard to turn.
7- When the pulleys and drive belt are installed, and tightened properly, the unit should operate very smoothly. If there is a wobble, the parts may need to be re-adjusted.
8- For best results, crank the wheel whenever you are operating an appliance. This will help keep the battery from getting too low. Do not drain the battery! The ac inverter supplied with your unit will sound an alarm when the battery is too low to operate efficiently. You must recharge the battery to the proper level before reusing your generator.
Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children and pets! Contents may contain sharp edges.
Always use eye protection and gloves when operating this product!

For Bicycle Pedaling
1- Remove the drive belt from the pulleys. Caution: Don't pinch your fingers!
2- Align the 3" generator pulley to the bicycle tire. Using an Allen wrench, loosen the Allen fitting on the pulley. IMPORTANT This is the Allen fitting nearest to you, not the one nearest to the generator! Turn the adjustable pulley in or out, until the desired width is achieved for the bicycle tire.
3- Restrain the generator case so it doesn't move. A rubber bungee strap can be useful!
4- After connecting the battery cables you may pedal at will!
Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children and pets! Depending on the bike trainer model being used, you may need to elevate the generator off the floor a few inches.
Note! The tool case may differ slightly from the picture depending on availability and current stock.